About Ayurveda

India’s glory resides in its culture which evolved from the long experience of human life. India’s ​Rishis were ancient scientists who kept trying to make human society efficient and prosperous in every field. In the same way, every mysteries of the human body have been resolved through continuous study, experience and Yoga Vision (Yoga Drushti) then presented a great medical science against us, which is called Ayurveda.

Ayurveda has not only given the means of healing the patient but also the ideas of ​​keeping the body healthy and efficient. Ayurveda has mentioned Diet and Lifestyle for healthy living. Thus it is not only medical science but its a health science or life science so truly called as “आयुषो वेदः आयुर्वेदः”

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त्रिसूत्र आयुर्वेद - चरक संहिता

Ayurveda is documented in three formula. By knowing these three formula Vaidya(Ayurvedic Doctor) can treat the disease permanently as well as advice the society for maintaining the health. Ayurveda has the permanent solution to any disease as it treats the root cause.





What it means to Healthy

Objects to be follow for health maintenance

Quality Of Healthy body

Tonics to maintain health

What it means to Patients

Causes for Illness as Ayurveda treat cause not symptoms

Signs & symptoms of disease

Various treatment modalities