Have you consulted many doctors and super specialist and even your disease is undiagnosed and your questions are unanswered?
Is your disease recurrence off and on and do you become habitual of any harmful medicines?
Are you suffering from any disease that has last for long time?
Have You tried allopathy, ayurveda, homeopathy, naturopathy etc and still no relief?
Does any disease make you and your family members so depressed that you have lost joy of life?

Then here at Sanjeevani, you got the answer about your disease to get back true health. Even though you have tried Ayurveda medicines somewhere else, still we have unique therapy for you because
we are pioneer of next generation ayurveda as below:

State of art Ayurveda Hospital
  • First of its kind Panchakarma Hospital in Gandhidham Kutch
  • Delightful experience of centralised music therapy
  • Well equipped neat clean Panchakarma therapy rooms 4 in number
  • Premium therapy service with high quality hygiene
  • Well ventilated Yoga Hall for full time yoga class in gandhidham
  • Inhouse pharmacy providing more than 500 self made medicines
  • Fully digital and paperless management by unique software
  • Our therapists are skilled in performing more than 100 Panchakarma therapy procedures
The -Sanjeevani -best -ayurved -panchkarma -hospital -gandhidham -kutch
The -Sanjeevani -best -ayurved -panchkarma -hospital -gandhidham -kutch -Gujarat
Instant Pain Management Center of Ayurveda first in Gujarat

Experience of performing more than 1000 successful Instant Pain Management procedures like Agni Karma, Viddha Karma, Sira Vedhana, Rakta Mokshana, Alabu Karma, Prachchhana Karma etc to get relief in Knee Joint Pain, Sciatica Pain, cervical pain or pain of any unknown origin.


Vast Experienced Team


Doctors : 02

Experience: More than 10 years

Yoga Teacher : 02

Experience: 3 years

Patients relationship manager : 04

Experience: 1 year

Panchakarma Therapists : 04

Experience: 7 years
More than 76000 critically ill patients treated
We have evidence based next generation Ayurveda treatment for so called incurable diseases. See our YouTube channel for our patients’ reviews.