How Ayurveda Helps You at Sanjeevani Hospital?

Many people think that Ayurveda is a slow and outdated science.But unfortunately in today’s busy lifestyle they completely forget what is true health. All are feeling that there is something with their health which is going wrong but the questions remains unanswered till date.

Spend a few minutes to recall your health questions listed below :


No real joy of living

why are you feeling lethargic, fatigue and inefficient?

Early ageing

At the age of 40 why your body looks like 60?

Disorders for life time

Why many of us are having high BP, Diabetes,Cholesterol, Thyroid, heart diseases for which we have to take harmull medicines for lifetime?

Many reports but no diagnosis

Are you suffering from a group of disorders for which you consulted many doctors, done many reports and have taken many kinds of medicine but still things are not well.

Low immunity

Why are you always suffering from recurrent diseases?

Filling the belly with tablets only?

Why we are having so many diseases for that we have to consume bunch of tablets like food per day?

Many medication less health

And why even after taking regular medicines of these disorders we feel relentless and pale rather than healthy and efficient?

No permanent cure

Are you suffering from any chronic disorders like mygrein, acidity, gas, arthritis, sciatica, cervical spondylosis for that you have to take medicines frequently but no permanent relief

One Step Solution

One step solution of all above conditions is Ayurveda where we treat root cause of the disease rather than symptoms or reports. Ayurveda corrects the cause by deep cleansing with Panchakarma. Then medications starts according to patient’s Prakruti. Patient has to follow some dietary and daily routines for supporting the treatments.